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2019 Opponents for the Denver Broncos are finalized

It is never too early to look ahead to next season. As a result of the Week 17 games, the Denver Broncos have finalized their 2019 opponents.

Now that the Denver Broncos season has come to a close, it is time to look ahead to next season. Because we are going to need something to keep us busy for a while. What better way than looking at who Denver is going to square up against next season.

When the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots thrashed the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets respectfully, it helped put together the final piece to the puzzle that is the 2019 Denver Broncos opponents.

The schedule will feature teams from the AFC South and the NFC North. Plus, Denver will go up against the third place finishers from the AFC North and East. And as always, the divisional games are involved.

Here are the opponents that the Broncos will face off against. Records are based on their 2018 results.

Home: Kansas City Chiefs (12-4), Los Angeles Chargers (12-4), Oakland Raiders (4-12), Cleveland Browns (7-8-1), Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11), Tennessee Titans (9-7), Chicago Bears (12-4), Detroit Lions (6-10)

Away: Kansas City Chiefs (12-4), Los Angeles Chargers (12-4), Oakland Raiders (4-12), Buffalo Bills (6-10), Houston Texans(11-5), Indianapolis Colts (10-6), Green Bay Packers (6-9-1), Minnesota Vikings (8-7-1)

Next: Vance Joseph out as head coach after two years.

Some very intriguing matchups here. Five of the teams that the Broncos will match up with will be heading to the postseason. They get to play the Chargers and Chiefs twice, plus Houston, Indianapolis, and Chicago.

Denver will get another shot at facing Baker Mayfield when the Browns return. And Denver will reunite with Khalil Mack when the Bears come to town.

The Broncos will also make a rare visit to Lambeau Field in 2019. And they will visit the new US Bank Stadium in Minnesota for the first time when they travel to take on the Minnesota Vikings.

The schedule will not be released until April. But it is never too early to start planning.

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