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A message to the Denver Broncos and the NFL regarding Kareem Hunt

So today there’s a lot of drama stirring with the Kansas City Chiefs and their former starting RB Kareem Hunt – and I so badly want to see the NFL do the right thing that I wanted to take the time to put some thoughts out on the matter.

First off, let’s not turn the comment section in this one into garbage and drama. Feel free to have opinions and state them, but let’s not just sling poo at Kareem Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs, or the NFL.

The important thing to me is that we voice to the NFL what we want to see from it. We hear Roger Goodell talk all the time about the “shield” and how important the NFL’s image is. Okay, let’s go ahead and help the NFL out by stating what we think.

What I see in this move from your team is that your franchise isn’t okay with liars, abusers, or assaults of human beings…and that you place people and how we treat them as more important than how many yards a running back can run for or how many TDs he can score.

I don’t want to get into what Goodell has done before with cases like this. What I want to see is that he gives this man who assaulted another human being a very serious penalty for it.

I don’t know all the facts of the case, but I know what the video shows. I don’t really care what words were said or what happened before the people were in the hallway. What I care about is that someone was attacked violently and then kicked when they were down.

I don’t call any shots, so this is just one man’s opinion, but I think a minimum six-game suspension is in order. Given the wishy-washy nature of the whole “doling out punishment” thing Goodell has going on, I think it could be longer, but hopefully not much shorter.

Broncos, do not under any circumstances sign this man to a contract. I don’t care that he’s a great NFL player. I don’t care that he has God-given talent for the game we love to watch. I don’t care if he could make my franchise a playoff shoe-in.

People and how we treat them are more important than stats, money or wins. That Super Bowl 50 trophy I remember vividly celebrating a few years back? I’d trade it away if it meant jerks like this would never get to play NFL football again – and I absolutely mean it.

Why? Because football is just entertainment. This is something we watch for fun and to be part of a clan. I don’t want to be part of a clan with people like this. Guys that treat women (or other human beings in general) so poorly shouldn’t get to be a part of this clan. They don’t deserve to get to be a part of this entertainment business.

Can we forgive him? Sure.

Am I passing judgment on his eternal soul? No frigging way.

What I’m saying is as a human on this earth and a part of our American society, I don’t think the behavior this human decided to take has any part in being accepted or in any way excused.

Go sell insurance.

Go work in a factory.

Go flip burgers.

But get off my TV, Kareem Hunt. Seeing you as part of my NFL entertainment makes me sick, and you need to focus quite a bit on human value instead of an NFL playbook.

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