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Behold The Denver Broncos Mile High Bud Light Beer Bot

Robots are virtually commonplace today, finding use helping in industry, healthcare and lots of other applications. Denver Broncos fans who frequent Broncos Mile High Stadium might get to meet a robot that does something that could be a dream come true for lots of football fans. This bot won’t only hold your beer, it will get you a beer. This beer-dispensing robot is called the Bud Light Bot, and it will debut at this weekend’s game in the United East Club level where it will hand out draft cold ones during the game.

bud light bot

If you are expecting to see a Bender-style robot standing there handing out beers through a door in his shiny, metal chest, prepare for disappointment, however. It’s just a robotic arm that looks like something you would find in an industrial setting. Come on Budweiser, have a little imagination here. Universal Robots makes the arm itself, and MSI TEC programs it. Fortunately, Bud Light Bot isn’t as creepy as watching SpotMini dance, so there’s that to consider as well. The fancy beer setup fills plastic cups from the bottom up using a special cut and magnet system.

Bud Light Bot allows beer buyers to push a button to start dispensing beer. It appears that the beer buyer has to set the cup down in the black ring where the robot takes over and picks up the cup and places it on the dispenser and then moves the beer to a napkin for the buyer to pick up. There does appear to be a catch to the beers you get from this robot; it looks as if the cup pictured here is a bit of a light pour.

And you can’t give a disapproving look to a robot and have them go back and top your beer off as you might be able to do with a real bartender. It’s not clear how much the beers that Bud Light Bot dispenses will cost, but it’s almost certain it won’t make notice if you leave a tip or not. You still have time to get tickets for the game and try Bud Light Bot. Kickoff is at 6:20 PM, tonight in Denver.

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