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Broncos’ Vance Joseph defends Bradley Roby’s effort

Broncos coach Vance Joseph came to the defense of cornerback Bradley Roby, who was criticized by ESPN analyst Jason Witten for his effort level late in Monday’s loss.

“Our team has maxed out (in) every game we’ve played,” said Joseph on Wednesday, although he said late Monday he wasn’t sure the team “maxed out” in the Week 5 loss to the New York Jets. “We haven’t won enough games obviously, but as far as how we’ve played and how hard we’ve played, there’s no issue there.”

Of Witten, Joseph added: “I love our ex-players. I love when they’re involved in the game, but they all forget that they were players before. We can find plenty of tape (of) the ex-players in the media that they’ve had issues. It’s funny as you get away from the game, how much better you were as a player.”

Roby said the Broncos’ coaches didn’t say anything to him about his effort.

On the play Witten singled him out on, Roby said: “I thought the play was over. I was wrong. It’s unfortunate. I felt like he was reaching to say that because it was the end of the game. I sacrifice so much. I still have stitches in my mouth from the week before when I had a hole in my mouth. I just (think) that (Witten) has to learn the power that he has (with his words). I just know that people listen and believe stuff like that. He needs more evidence.”

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