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Does Broncos’ OC Bill Musgrave trust Case Keenum?

Case Keenum has been a categorical disappointment in Denver. The Broncos signed Keenum to a two-year, $36 million deal with $25 million guaranteed, at least expecting him to be an upgrade over the QB carousel that had so obviously held the team back the previous two years.

With the Broncos’ talent on offense and defense, I saw Keenum’s potential ceiling in Denver as similar to Jake Plummer’s when he arrived in Denver back in 2003. Plummer was able to mind-meld with Mike Shanahan, stabilize the offense and allow the Broncos to do what they did best.

Plummer led the Broncos to the playoffs all three of the years he was the full-time starter in Denver — two Wildcard berths and a first-round bye in 2005 that culminated in a disappointing home loss to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game. Plummer was a clear upgrade over his predecessor — Brian Griese — but nowhere near the dynamic QB that could elevate the entire organization and get the Broncos over the Super Bowl hump.

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Again, that’s how I viewed Keenum’s potential; stability and competency just good enough to allow the Broncos to compete in the Division and push for a Wildcard berth, but not much more than a short-term stop-gap. Let’s face facts, though. Keenum hasn’t been anywhere near as good, nor as successful as Plummer was. Aside from being Broncos’ free-agent acquisitions, you can’t even compare the two.

Almost a full season later, Keenum’s 2017 campaign in Minnesota appears to be fool’s gold. His body of work as a Viking will serve as the exception to the rule on his resume. Let’s examine Keenum’s 2018 campaign and his mystifying relationship with OC Bill Musgrave.

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