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Family asking for help finding engraved wedding band lost at Sunday’s Broncos game

DENVER — The ring may not be worth a lot in a pawn shop, but for one Highlands Ranch couple, it means the world. And they’re asking for help finding it.

Jeremy Van Heukelem and Amanda Van Heukelem — high school sweethearts who were born two days apart in the same hospital — were

cheering on the Broncos with their family Sunday

when a woman ran into Jeremy, causing him to spill his beer. The couple put a few of their items on high top tables outside their seating section — near the 50-yard line bar — to dry off. In the process, Jeremy shook the beer off his hands.

He didn’t notice it then, but his wedding band — a two-toned tungsten ring with their wedding date engraved inside — went flying. The couple’s daughter noticed a ring rolling on the ground, but didn’t realize it was her father’s, Amanda said. The daughter said she saw a man in his 30s with light brown hair and blue eyes in a black coat, jeans and black shoes step on it just outside section 125 to stop it from rolling. He picked it up, examined it and kept waking, she said.

The family gathered their blankets, food and drinks and headed to their seats in section 124. As soon as they sat down, Jeremy realized the ring was gone.

The couple retraced their steps and combed the area. They asked guest relations for help, but were told nobody had dropped off a ring at lost and found. Amanda said the staff was very helpful as they searched.

When the couple returned to their seats empty-handed, their daughter told them about what she’d seen and how she didn’t realize it was her father’s ring.

After the game, Amanda wrote a post in a few Facebook groups, asking for any information on the missing ring. The posts quickly gathered attention and was soon shared by hundreds of people.

Amanda said she didn’t realize the posts would garner this much attention — she simply wants the ring back. She said it wouldn’t be worth much in a pawn shop, but means a lot to the couple.

If you have the ring or information of where it is, call Broncos’ lost and found line at 720-258-3889 or the Denver police non-emergency line at 720-913-2000.

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