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Fantasy experts like Jeff Wilson matchup

Fantasy Football experts apparently really like the matchup of 49ers running back Jeff Wilson against the Denver Broncos run defense.

Ahead of the start of many fantasy football playoff matchups, experts everywhere seem to think that San Francisco 49ers running back Jeff Wilson is a really smart addition to your team ahead of week 14 play.

With Matt Breida not playing for the 49ers this week against the Denver Broncos, it makes sense that experts are favoring Wilson, especially after the total offensive display he put on in the team’s blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

In the loss, Wilson came in and put up 134 yards from scrimmage with eight receptions added in.

If you play in a PPR (point per reception) league and somehow had the foresight to start Wilson last week, you deserve to win your league anyway.

But if you lost a significant playmaker in your league and don’t necessarily have anyone to replace him, and Wilson can be of help as a ‘flex’ option or running back option, then apparently the experts think you should do it immediately.

The Broncos’ run defense has experienced varying levels of success in each game they have played this season, which really indicates the way this team hones in on one player defensively and tries to take him out of the gameplan in order to force teams to be unbalanced in ways.

The Broncos have given up as few as 49 rushing yards in a game to the Kansas City Chiefs this season and as many as 323 to the New York Jets. You probably won’t find a more shocking contrast around the league.

But at the same time, the Broncos’ run defense also does not feel unpredictable. They don’t generally give up many big plays and teams really have to be physical up front in order to experience success in the running game. That or the Broncos have to be so badly off their game against the pass that teams are able to just simply have their way.

But when the team has needed it the most, the Broncos’ run defense seems to have come through. The Bengals, as a team, ran for 111 yards against the Broncos this past weekend, and it was the first game a team had over 100 yards rushing total against Denver’s defense since the Rams in week six.

After the Broncos were embarrassed in consecutive weeks by the Chiefs, Jets, and Rams against the run, they altered their strategy and really tightened up.

Because of the playcalling abilities of Kyle Shanahan, it would seem likely the team could feature a player like Wilson and make sure he does come through with a big fantasy performance. That being said, the Broncos have also proven themselves capable of shutting down some of the better running backs in the league this year.

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If the team is focused primarily on the passing game and specifically George Kittle, it’s possible Wilson comes through with a big game statistically against the Broncos’ defense.

Especially if the 49ers playing from behind, he could be the target of a lot of ddump offpasses from Nick Mullens.

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