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fewer drops, paying it forward, and leading the Broncos back to the postseason

Item No. 1 on Courtland Sutton’s New Year’s resolutions for 2019: Fewer dang soap operas off the field. And postseason games on it.

“Saw trades, saw injuries. Man, you name it, I probably saw it this year,” the Broncos’ rookie wide receiver told The Post as he was packing up his locker at Dove Valley. “The only thing I didn’t get to experience was the playoffs.

“But next year, we’re going to definitely get that fixed and going to get to experience that. But I think everything that you can experience in the regular season, I feel I experienced it. And it definitely molded me into what to expect moving forward in my career.”

Namely, the unexpected.

A franchise receiver in Demaryius Thomas traded before Halloween. A backup quarterback with a million-dollar arm, Chad Kelly, felled by a five-cent head. An undrafted rookie, Phillip Lindsay, blossoming into one of the NFL’s offensive stars. Victories that the pundits never saw coming (at the Chargers, vs. the Steelers), followed by losses (at the 49ers, vs. the Browns, at the Raiders) that hit the locals like a ton of cartoon bricks. And the head coach getting fired.

“It wasn’t so much (that I got) wiser and smarter,” said Sutton, whose debut season featured 42 catches for 704 receiving yards and four scores. “It’s just (that) you know what’s going on. You know what to expect. You know, no matter how long somebody’s been here, they’ll get rid of you. It kind of molds you into what to expect moving forward.”

Item No. 2: Fewer dropsies.

Sutton tied for the team lead in dropped passes (four) with fellow rookies Lindsay, Royce Freeman and wideout Tim Patrick, according to STATS, Inc.

“I feel like when you get to the league, you shouldn’t just aim to just be ‘a guy,’ ” said Sutton, who wound up second on the team in targets (84) but saw only half those throws converted into receptions, the worst catch-to-target ratio on the roster among Broncos with at least 40 targets. “You should aim to be the best you can be at your position, no matter what. No matter who came before you, you should aim to be the best you can be at your position.”

Item No. 3: Think like a No. 1 wideout at all time. Even if you aren’t. Especially when you aren’t.

His best piece of advice for the rookie class in 2019?

“Take care of your body and (know) how to manage your time,” Sutton replied. “Being able to use time management moreso than I did in college. I used it in college a lot, but you have so much more free time in college. Pretty much from when you wake up to about when you’re going to go to sleep, the coaches have got something for you to do. So being able to find time to make sure you do all the right things is really important. So properly being able to manage from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. was huge for me.”

Item No. 4: Pay it forward. Don’t just be a leader. Be a mentor.

Whenever Sutton hit a wall, he knew he could count on at least three people to help pull the proverbial ox cart out of the ditch.

“DT, of course. Emmanuel (Sanders), of course. And wide receivers coach (Zach) Azzanni,” Sutton said. “And all three of those guys helped me with different aspects of my game: physically, mentally, just understanding how to be a pro … all three of those guys were really huge, really important for me these past few months.

“Don’t get wrapped up in the socializing aspect as much. You can’t go in (to work) and go home and just play Fortnite, play (video) games the whole time. You’ve got to go home, really study your film and know what you’re supposed to do, even if you’re not a starter. Because I started as a 3, then I became a 2, and then I became a 1. And so you’ve really got to know what you’re doing.

“Shoot, River (Cracraft) went from being a practice-squad (guy) to being a (situational) player for us. So that type of stuff is huge.  And the more you know, the better opportunity you’ll be able to play. And the more opportunity you’ll have to be on the field. Be prepared because you never know when your time is coming.”

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