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The State of the Denver Broncos Address

My fellow Bronco fans, we have come to that difficult week in every season. A week where we do not get to enjoy the pleasure of watching a Denver Broncos game. And yes, this has been a difficult season to enjoy, but a week without Broncos football always feels empty. However, we are given the opportunity, as one United in Orange, Broncos Country, to come together and examine the state of the franchise.

Now, I am not here to paint a false image, and I refuse to pretend the world is filled with candy canes and rainbows. The 2018 season has been far from what most fans anticipated. The playoffs, at 3-6, are essentially out of the question (I’m looking at you Klis). Case Keenum has not been the answer at quarterback. Vance Joseph has regressed as a head coach.

Perhaps the most glaring issue facing the Denver Broncos today is the situation with the Bowlens. Currently, Joe Ellis and John Elway are piloting a captainless vessel. Can any real progress be made while no one is in charge?

I ask you to think about this debacle in ownership. Pat Bowlen’s legacy hangs in the balance. He has left his team in the hands of a trust, but can they be trusted? Which child will eventually take the reins? What, if anything can be done, until the head of the horse is facing in the right direction?

Demaryius Thomas’ exit from Denver is an difficult example of the turmoil that has befallen the franchise. As a long time Bronco, a champion, his harsh words upon his exit shed light on a strenuous situation in the locker room. It seems the players and coaches are in a battle for the soul of the team. DT’s concerns ring out in Broncos Country. What manner of problems have taken hold of a proud and talented group?

How can things get better? Simple. Remember that it is always darkest before the Orange and Blue sunrise. Think back to a time when Josh McDaniels tried to tear down the franchise. He seemingly brought Broncos Country to its knees, but we prevailed. We shall prevail once more.

To put it plain, there is too much talent on the roster to believe a complete turnaround is impossible. Look no further than the 2018 rookie class. First round pick, Bradley Chubb, is a front runner for Defensive Rookie of the Year. His 8 sacks have him on pace to challenge the rookie record. Royce Freeman has shown, in limited snaps, he can be an excellent back. Courtland Sutton and Daesean Hamilton are the reason Denver was comfortable trading away DT. And let us marvel at the undrafted free agent from Colorado, Philip Lindsay. He has lit Broncos Country on fire.

There are holes. Offensive line, defensive line, middle linebacker, corner, tight end. But holes can be filled. Sometimes it takes personnel, and sometimes it takes coaching. Make no mistake, change is coming to Broncos Country. The franchise has reached a crossroads. However, the future is bright. The state of Broncos Country is strong.

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